A Little Piece of My heART

…a place where our heART finds creativity and freedom

Encouraging you to paint with less fear.

Inspiring you to find joy in colors and brush strokes and even mistakes.

Embracing our uniqueness as individuals and artists.

Discovering how deeply you and what you create is needed.

Are you afraid of that blank canvas…that you’ll mess it up somehow?

Let me show you how a blank canvas, a few colors and a couple of brushes can open up a whole new place in your heART for painting and creating.

Hello there! My name is Laurie Rothwell. I am a passionate and fearless (most days) self taught artist who loves to share with you that you do not have to paint perfectly…you just need a love for colors and movement and adventure!

I began back in 2011 in the basement of my home…longing to be home with my youngest, who was 3 years old, of 8 kids. I had no formal art education. In fact, my last art class was in the 9th grade. I just knew I loved all forms of art and creativity. I knew I loved teaching and when I put those two passions together Pieces of My Art began.

I have taught kids from the ages of 3 to adults well into their 90’s that art is beautiful because they simply created it. We have watercolored together, drawn with markers, pastels, colored pencil…exploring all the wonderful ways they work. For over 6 years now I have hosted paint parties all over the Kansas City area. In May of 2019 my husband completed my own studio on our property to create even more. It is a beautiful venue to host paint parties of all sorts.

As life changes and dreams grow, I am now bringing my love for painting and teaching online! I will be bringing my studio to you…where ever you want to get creative…exploring together what canvas and paint and brush can do.

Now is the perfect time for you to say YES to learning something new if you’ve never painted,

or just carving out some time each week to dive deeper into doing something you’ve found that you love!

Look forward to seeing you in my online studio!



I have painted with “Pieces of My Art” three times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Laurie is an excellent teacher. She allows plenty of time and is encouraging through the whole experience. I love the pieces that she offers. I highly recommend her.


I have attended over 30 painting classes in the last 4 years and have absolutely loved every single one of them! Pieces of My Art provides excellent instruction and a fantastic friendly environment to explore your painting skills and creativity.
I highly recommend these classes!


It’s so much fun and Lauri the instructor is amazing. I have learned a lot about how to paint and it’s not as hard as we make it..

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

– Thomas Merton.

Pieces of My Art Studio

If you are local and interested in scheduling you own private party, details are as follows:



16224 NE 185th St

Holt Missouri 64048