Painting Like a Master

Taking a photo and creating a Van Gogh style painting I have always loved working puzzles…like the really big ones…for days. That was in the BC days…the before children days. I could sure see better then too. I would lay all the pieces out and study the lid and start creating the picture…one little pieceContinue reading “Painting Like a Master”

painting for fall | stack of pumpkins

Do you want to paint a stack of pumpkins? I will teach you this step by step. The color mixing for this is incredible fun! I will show you how you can take black, white, blue, yellow and red to make every color you can imagine! So grab some paints…a 12×24 canvas…a quiet place…your favoriteContinue reading “painting for fall | stack of pumpkins”

Let’s Paint Tacos! | Simple Drawing + Watercolor for Kids

In this video I teach kids of all ages how to draw and watercolor a taco with all the fixings! This painting tutorial features easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction as we draw with a sharpie. We then add a colorful table and wallpaper. Finally we watercolor our drawing and I will show you some fun ways toContinue reading “Let’s Paint Tacos! | Simple Drawing + Watercolor for Kids”