Let me show you how a blank canvas,

a few colors and a couple of brushes can open up a whole

new place in your heART for painting and creating

And I will bring this experience to you in my Online Studio

Have You…

  • Wanted to paint but were afraid you would fail?
  • Wondered IF you could paint at all?
  • Tried painting but quit because you thought it wasn’t good enough?
  • Spent most of your time taking care of the needs of others?
  • Set your dreams aside…believing now they are now just childhood fantasies?
  • Had a stirring in your heart that you were made for something more?
  • Longed to follow your heart…but believe it’s far too late?
if you answered yes to any of these…
then it is time to give your heart some much needed therapy

What is heART Club?

heART Club is an online painting club where you’ll learn to paint with less fear and discover a place where your heART finds creativity and freedom.

You’ll learn to find joy in colors and brush strokes and even mistakes, and embrace your uniqueness as an individual and an artist.

Most importantly, you’ll discover how deeply you…and what you create…are needed.

You will have the opportunity to paint LIVE with me weekly in our private heART Club group.

I want you to feel like you have a front row seat and you are the teachers pet

I will keep this simple and teach just like I would in person.

I will help you paint without fear of mistakes or that it’s not good enough.

I will show you how to create beautiful colors from just a limited palette.

I will show you how to make different textures with just a few brushes.

I will show you that you can do something you didn’t know you could do.

HEY there, I’m Laurie!

I am a passionate and fearless (most days) self taught artist who loves to share with you that you do not have to paint perfectly…you just need a love for colors and movement and adventure!

I started teaching kids art in my basement back in 2011. Looking for a way to be home with my then 3 year old and pursue a passion that I loved…teaching and art…I started Pieces of My Art. It has grown to become more than I have ever imagined. A gift to me and others as we tend to our hearts through the creative expression of painting.

So what exactly does happen in heART Club?

You will give space for your heart, your heart will be filled.

You will take a break away from your everyday life, your mind will rest from it all for the moment.

You will catch your breath…you will gain some strength to face the rhythms of life. 

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What does heART club include?

  • 3 NEW Painting Tutorials per Month
  • Access to the video library at any time
  • Printable and Traceable Templates when applicable
  • A community FACEBOOK Group to watch the LIVE trainings, learn new techniques, share your progress and make new friends.
Plus, these bonuses throughout the year…
  • Watercolor Tutorials
  • Lettering Tutorials
  • Discounts on Online Painting Challenges
  • Local Meet Ups with Members

What will happen after I sign up?

  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email with a video showing you the simple supplies you will need.
  • I will give you my suggested supply list along with the link to purchase the exact supplies I will be using.
  • You’ll also get an invitation to join the HeART Club Facebook group, where you can participate in Laurie’s live tutorials,
  • You will receive a weekly email with the schedule of what’s coming up and a recording of that week’s LIVE video so you can watch, pause, replay to paint along at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never painted before. Will I be able to keep up?

All LIVE classes are available to re-watch at any time in our heART Club Facebook Group. All tutorials will be recorded and accessible for you to watch, pause, rewind and repeat as often as you need.

I do have some painting experience. Will this be too basic for me?

We paint such a variety of paintings that all levels of painters have a great experience and opportunity to develop in skill and style.

What supplies do I need in order to participate, and how much will they cost?

I will give you a supply list to purchase the exact same supplies that I will be using. You are welcome to use anything of your own in place of mine. Some items are a one time purchase which average $5-$40 depending on your needs and desires.

What kinds of things will we paint?

We paint seasonal landscapes, still life and flowers, animals and abstract, sunsets and sunrises, lakes and oceans, mountains and farms, holiday themed paintings and paintings inspired by famous painters!

I mix in some watercolor and lettering.

What if the live training times don’t work for me?

All classes will be recorded for you to access anytime that fits your schedule best.

Do you have a refund policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You will have access to the content for the rest of the month you cancel in.

I have another question that’s not answered here.

You can email me at laurie@piecesofmyartkc.com

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Click below to join HeART Club!