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Japanese Bonsai Cliffs

21 March 2019 | $25.00

DATE CHANGE!! I thought this one looked fun...and simple enough. It would hang nicely next to the cherry blossom one we did last year! We will pain this on a 12x16 canvas. I will have everything you need. Come early for lunch.…

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Painting for a Purpose...KC Skyline...Swim

23 March 2019 | $40.00

Johnna Bradley will be hosting this one of a kind fundraising event! This is a PUBLIC event open to everyone! If you missed the first two, You will NOT want to miss this last one. We will start the evening…

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Spring Green!

25 March 2019 | $25.00

As I am scheduling this, it's hard to believe that it will be green again outside! It seems so far off! But spring IS coming...and we will paint this in anticipation of greener days ahead! We will paint this on a…

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Crown of Thorns on Wood

1 April 2019 | $30.00

I love this beautiful painting...already have it on my mantle. We will paint this on a 12x12 distressed piece of wood. You can write what word you would like...'saved'...'forgiven'...what ever is most meaningful to you. I will help with lettering…

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Crown of Thorns on Wood...Alternate

4 April 2019 | $30.00

Because I know there are some who can not make it on Mondays...SPACE IS LIMITED...SO WHEN TICKETS ARE GONE, THAT'S IT (It's live music night so we will not have as much room)I love this beautiful painting...already have it on…

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8 April 2019 | $25.00

April showers brings May flowers...bringing back a favorite! Great one for ALL ages! And guess what?? No blending colors for all you purest! I love having this setting on my shelf with my favorite red vase and daisies!  Come early…

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18 April 2019 | $25.00

Another from my favorite! Bold and bright colors...this one will be fun! Limited space for my Thursday night class...so get your ticket ASAP!  We will paint on a 12x16 canvas. I will provide all you need! Come early and eat...full…

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22 April 2019 | $25.00

I know what you are thinking! YES...you can paint it...and it will be beautiful! She's much easier than you think! And it's always good to try new things!We will paint it on a 12x16 canvas. I will provide all you…