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Painting with the Least of these…A glimpse of heaven

It was Monet she most reminded me of…the colors…the brush strokes. I was standing in front of a field of flowers. Every color and hueContinue reading “Painting with the Least of these…A glimpse of heaven”

Santa came to Pieces of my art studio

It was just one of the hundreds of ideas I’ve had for Pieces of My Art…finally this happened! Last Sunday, Pieces of My Art turnedContinue reading “Santa came to Pieces of my art studio”

Painting Like a Master

Taking a photo and creating a Van Gogh style painting I have always loved working puzzles…like the really big ones…for days. That was in theContinue reading “Painting Like a Master”

We Love Drama! Why Black and White?

Do you feel like your paintings just fall flat? Our mind tells us the trees are green, the sky is blue, the clouds are white.Continue reading “We Love Drama! Why Black and White?”

To Blend or Not to Blend

Sunsets and Sunrises | Lesson in Acrylic Paint Mixing Should you mix your colors flawlessly…gradually…perfectly? Or is it to better to let them be moreContinue reading “To Blend or Not to Blend”

painting for fall | stack of pumpkins

Do you want to paint a stack of pumpkins? I will teach you this step by step. The color mixing for this is incredible fun!Continue reading “painting for fall | stack of pumpkins”

Let’s Paint Tacos! | Simple Drawing + Watercolor for Kids

In this video I teach kids of all ages how to draw and watercolor a taco with all the fixings! This painting tutorial features easy-to-followContinue reading “Let’s Paint Tacos! | Simple Drawing + Watercolor for Kids”

My Favorite Art Supply Store

Since we have been spending so much time together playing with watercolor…I thought I would give you my connection for my favorite art store…plenty ofContinue reading “My Favorite Art Supply Store”


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