Pieces of My Art Studio Opens

From a one stall horse barn to an art studio…

Being a creative, I am always dreaming. Many nights I lay awake and dream up things I would love to do. Places to see…spaces to create…then comes morning, and I am grabbing my cup of coffee and my Bible for a slow and easy awakening. I am much more organized in my head. In reality, often I am busy keeping my family functioning and my household maintaining. A struggle to leave enough time in my day to work on my dreams… “those are for another day” and I continue to hold onto that hope!

We found this jewel three years ago, tucked into a corner completely hidden by trees…lots of trees…overgrown with years of neglect. Kind of like our hearts…don’t neglect yours! So many projects to do here, my husband Kevin and I just began…one area at a time. We have still quite a lot to do…but the difference is amazing already. We have uncovered so much beauty…your heart has much beauty to be uncovered.

Out behind the house was a barn…or a stable, I guess. No doubt years ago a horse happily ate from a bag of oats in the one stall and the black snakes contentedly kept the rodents away. The snakes still lived here when we arrived.

When you dream about something long enough and put actions to your dreams, they start coming to life. For me, it was teaching art…painting…anything creative…to anyone who has a passion for the same. So 8 years ago, I did just that, but I’ll put that in another story. Kevin soon caught onto my vision. It began stirring in him and a year ago, he got to work making my bigger dream a reality.

Piece by piece the stable came down…rotted wood…old rusty tools…some bones(not human!)…snake skins…and lots of horrific smells. I was kinda sad to see it go…I had managed to fit it in my dream…so now I needed to update my ideas.

On May 31st of 2019, I celebrated the grand opening of my brand new beautiful art studio…all built with love from my husband. We had no idea what it would look like when we were finished. But I can tell you it’s grander then we ever imagined! Kevin took the most beautiful pieces of the old barn and built them into this new space. It wasn’t all stars and butterflies…there were times of tears and doubt. We made it through and as I sit here at my desk…I am thankful for a faithful God who blessed me with so many precious gifts. God wants to do this in your hearts too!

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