Space, Time and Art Supplies

3 reasons you may not be painting…and how you can change that by keeping it simple

I get it! I let all 3 of these reasons keep me from painting for YEARS!

Being a mom of 8 kids has kept me running a plate spinning circus act for a long time…

You know the saying…

not my circus…not my monkeys…well it is my circus AND my monkeys having time for myself was something I dreamed of!

There was a season in my life when for Mother’s Day, I just wanted to have a little break…and I chose to paint…alone. It was so needed for my heart…and it brought so much healing…but that’s another story.

It’s wasn’t until I actually started my painting/art business back in 2011 that I carved out time to paint on a consistent basis. Since then, all but one of our kids are are grown and no longer living at home.

reason number one…I don’t have the space

With so many kids around at any given time…and living in a rather small house, space was a BIG issue for me! I love quiet when I paint…with my kinda music, anyway.

So I get it, it can be so hard…but you’ll be more likely to show up if you know where to show up at.

Find a corner, a room, a table…something to call your own.

I asked some of my members in my heART Club…who paint regularly, to share pictures of their space. You can see that none of their areas are particularly large…but definitely set up to encourage creativity and consistency.

So find some space…a desk, a table, a corner. Get a basket, a tote, a cart, or even a box to keep your supplies in.

REASON NUMBER TWO…I don’t have time

Grab your calendar…pick a date and time…and write your name in there….bring your favorite beverage…put on some music…even if you have to get headphones…and simply show up.

Make a date with yourself

Do you know how many dates I have not shown up for?? Workout dates…painting dates…walks…rests…reading…writing…gardening…cooking…__________…you can fill in the blank, I’m sure!

Clear the Table

Pull your hair back

pour a glass of wine

listen to the music

and start painting

And then that brings us to

reason number three….

I have no idea what to buy…how much to buy…will I need that, oh how about this brush…and probably that one…and OH…I love that color…but I probably need that one and that one and that one….STOP!

You do not need all that stuff! Stop buying things you may never use.

You do not need all this

I can show you how 5 colors, 2 brushes

and a canvas can open a whole world of heART creativity

This is all you need!

If you have ever been to my studio and painted before or taken a look at all the paintings on my facebook page…all of them were painted with these 5 colors and 2 brushes.

So now all you need to do is go paint!

NEXT UP: To Blend or Not to Blend…But How?

Come back next week for some simple painting tip tutorials. We will play around with sunsets and sunrises.

Wondering where to get my brushes, paints and painting surfaces?

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I am an affiliate for Blick Art Supplies…and if you purchase through the link above…I will get a little bit of money to shop for more art supplies….but it does not cost you anything extra. And we both know art supplies make us happy!

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