Santa came to Pieces of my art studio

It was just one of the hundreds of ideas I’ve had for Pieces of My Art…finally this happened!

Last Sunday, Pieces of My Art turned into a workshop full of busy little elves…

What fun it is to open up a space for all ages to create…give a few ideas…

some supplies…and the magic just happens!

Our creativity is worth more than the products it produced.

Creativity Links us with our one-of-a-kindness

Patrea Hansen-Adamis

This is when pictures can say so much more than words…We will all treasure these memories that were made!

Creating has no age limit…in fact the older we get the more intentional we must be about creating.

Look at the faces of these children…

they came into the studio…to do what they were made to do…to create.

Without inhibitions…not a single doubt that what

they created would be a masterpiece.

Often the season of Christmas calls us to be more like children. But being much more grown up now…we know the disappointments that come with unbridled expectations.

In a simple, less painful way this is revealed in the way we create. We tend to hold ourselves back…afraid of mistakes…lack of perfection…comparison of others.

Become childlike this season…

find some kids to help you…and then find an elderly person…

create something together…add the love of Jesus to this

and you will have the most joyous, hope filled,

full of wonder season of Christmas ever!

You can read more about Christmas and becoming like a child from a previous post here

Join us next year for another day to create with the elves!

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  1. Laurie, I love this! I don’t have an abundance of time, but I dabble when I can. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and appreciate your generosity! Merry Christmas!!

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