Painting with the Least of these…A glimpse of heaven

It was Monet she most reminded me of…the colors…the brush strokes. I was standing in front of a field of flowers. Every color and hue came from the 4 colors of paint I placed on her canvas. It was remarkable! Every month I have the privilege of painting with some of earth’s most special residents.Continue reading “Painting with the Least of these…A glimpse of heaven”

Santa came to Pieces of my art studio

It was just one of the hundreds of ideas I’ve had for Pieces of My Art…finally this happened! Last Sunday, Pieces of My Art turned into a workshop full of busy little elves… What fun it is to open up a space for all ages to create…give a few ideas… some supplies…and the magic justContinue reading “Santa came to Pieces of my art studio”

A Hope That Will Not Disappoint

Last night, I sat in the living room looking at all the decorations, christmas lights, the beautiful Renaissance style manger figurines. My heart filled with a mixture of sadness and joy, longing and disappointment. For many this is a difficult season as another year draws to an end. Hopes dashed, again, if any glimmer ofContinue reading “A Hope That Will Not Disappoint”

It’s In the Name

It’s a tad daunting to be actually making a commitment to consistently write. But I love writing and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.  Here is a piece of my story. Let’s start with the name…a name is important to me…what it means…how it sounds…and it’s uniqueness. I have always attempted to name my 7Continue reading “It’s In the Name”