Painting Like a Master

Taking a photo and creating a Van Gogh style painting I have always loved working puzzles…like the really big ones…for days. That was in the BC days…the before children days. I could sure see better then too. I would lay all the pieces out and study the lid and start creating the picture…one little pieceContinue reading “Painting Like a Master”

We Love Drama! Why Black and White?

Do you feel like your paintings just fall flat? Our mind tells us the trees are green, the sky is blue, the clouds are white. So that is how we paint. Often leaving out value, dimension, light and shadows. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau ThinkContinue reading “We Love Drama! Why Black and White?”

To Blend or Not to Blend

Sunsets and Sunrises | Lesson in Acrylic Paint Mixing Should you mix your colors flawlessly…gradually…perfectly? Or is it to better to let them be more chunky…layered…placing pieces of color upon pieces of color? Both are beautiful…both are right. I want to encourage you that the way you decide to blend your colors or not blendContinue reading “To Blend or Not to Blend”

Where Do I Get My Supplies?

After YEARS of being asked this…after MUCH procrastination…after THINKING, “it’s just TOO hard!!”… 🎨🖌I FINALLY put together a QUICK list of my favorite painting supplies that I use in my classes! 🤗 ***discloser…I do receive a small compensation on sales through Dick Blick Art Supplies…BUT there is NO extra cost to you! 🛍So let’s goContinue reading “Where Do I Get My Supplies?”

It’s In the Name

It’s a tad daunting to be actually making a commitment to consistently write. But I love writing and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.  Here is a piece of my story. Let’s start with the name…a name is important to me…what it means…how it sounds…and it’s uniqueness. I have always attempted to name my 7Continue reading “It’s In the Name”